General Revenue Cycle Management Services

Other Companies In-House
PM Set up Optimization Maybe No
Initial EM analysis Maybe Maybe
Insurance Eligibility Maybe Maybe
Charges created 24-48 hours after being locked (depending on client) No
+ Write rules for modifiers, referrals and Dx codes Maybe Maybe
+ Write edits Maybe
+ Errors worked next business day and resubmitted Maybe Maybe
+ Clearinghouse rejections worked next business day Maybe Maybe
+ ERA or clearinghouse/payor rejection is worked next business day Maybe
+ Daily reports run within EBO to track last activity No No
+ Claims with no denial/note/payment are worked every 30 days No No
+ Claims are managed by custom EBO reports (claim action aging, claim status aging, and action aging) No No
+ Ability to view current status of claims, collections within your eCW database No
+ Payments posted the same day money hits the bank Maybe
+ Payments reconciliation is done each day Maybe Maybe
+ Denials from posting are worked within 24 hours Maybe Maybe
+ Manage patient phone calls Maybe
+ Patient payments are accepted Maybe
+ Statements
+ Collection process is established with practice Maybe
+ Refund policy is initiated Maybe Maybe
+ Billing experts with over 100 collective years of experience Maybe No
+ eCW certified trainers Maybe No
+ eCW support Maybe No
+ eCW integration, data migration and custom reports Maybe No
Ability to run reports on billing data at anytime No Maybe
Complete transparency Maybe
Monthly meeting with account manager Maybe N/A
Quarterly meeting with the account manager and executive team No N/A
Month to month contract option Maybe N/A
Free Curas Gold Support option No No