How We Help

Decreasing Cash Flow

You’re doing great work with patients. Physicians and staff are busy. Perhaps you’re even serving increasing numbers of patients. Yet your cash flow is suffering, and you may feel overwhelmed by thinking through how to fix it. RCM360® has experience with even the most challenging of cash flow situations, in some cases even doubling a practice’s receipts within the first month. And we don’t just target the easy money – we focus on the big picture because that’s where the greatest impact is.

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Rejected Claims

At the heart of every rejected claim lies some sort of error – a slip of the finger, an incorrect code, and missing information are all things that can lead to rejection. And rejection means a delay in payment, so it’s of utmost importance to get it right the first time. RCM360® can help set up processes to help you do just that, and we’ll also help you clean up an old stockpile of rejected claims you may have lingering in your practice.

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Increasing and Aging A/R

Do you find that your outstanding invoices are getting older? Perhaps you’ve sent statements or tried to collect, or even tried to resolve issues with your claims. Or, if you’re like many practices, you may simply not have the time or knowledge to deal with receivables in a timely manner. It’s detrimental to your practice – you know this, but you’re not quite sure what to do next….

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